Our Services

  • PTC Scoring Program

    The PTC Scoring Program produces charts and printable student reports. It is a powerful tool that can score and analyze more than 10,000 student answer sheets per hour. It has the ability to store multiple years of data and compare year-to-year results.

  • Test Writing

    We have specialists in English, math, science, social studies, finacial literacy, and health who have worked with Pacific island students and teachers. We pride ourselves on creating tests that use local and cultural contexts specific to the Pacific.

  • Standards

    Using U.S. Common Core standards we work with classroom teachers to develop ELA, math, science, and social studies standards that are understandable for local educators. We place an emphasis on college readiness and preparing students for further learning.

  • Technical Assistance

    We use a team-building approaches to get everyone involved. Our method is to listen to the needs of the educators and to build a realistic solution using everyone's input. Our goal is to build capacity in the schools and to give educators a mastery of the material.

Why Pacific Testing Center?

Pacific Testing Center's (PTC) mission is to provide professional and affordable assessment services for departments and ministries of education in the Pacific.  

With decades of experience working in American Samoa, CNMI, FSM, Marshall Islands, Guam, Hawaii, and Palau, PTC specializes in regionally relevant material that is understandable by children of all ages. We provide learning tools for teachers on the best methods to educate and prepare students for college.

Our Director of Assessment, Dr. Donald Burger, implemented the first Standards Based Assessment (SBA) system in the Pacific island region in 2000 that has continued to be used until today. PTC also has content specialists in ELA, math, science, and social studies who have extensive experience teaching in the islands.

Unlike our mainland competitors, PTC aims to provide a tailored solution that meets local needs. We use an inclusive approach that respects culture and draws wisdom from teachers to empower them. We pride ourselves on integrity, responsiveness, and willingness to do extra work.

  • Experience in the Pacific

    Our team has extensive experience working in Micronesia and Polynesia.  Pacfic Testing Center specializes in working with island students, teachers, and administrators.  We aim to make tests that are locally relevant and to be respectful of island cultures.  We would never ask how many salmon polar bears eat in the winter.

  • Unparalleled Value

    Pacific Testing Center charges a fraction of our competitors' prices from the mainland U.S.  We wiil always find the best solution within your budget. 

Our clients say...

Thank you for training our staff on standards based assessment.  We are confident that we can score next year's tests. - Andrea S.